Farmers guide irrigation group

A group of irrigation farmers in the Lake Wellington catchment is helping to shape the future of the industry in the area.

The Irrigator Reference Group, consisting of local irrigators from across the catchment, was convened by the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority.

WGCMA chief executive Martin Fuller said the group would ensure that programs, projects, and activities aimed at irrigators were appropriate, feasible and attractive to the irrigation community.

“The formation of the group was an action identified by irrigators in the Lake Wellington Land and Water Management Plan,” Mr Fuller said.

“The group has an advisory role on programs, like those offered through the Sustainable Irrigation Program and the Macalister Irrigation District incentives program.”

The first meeting was held in December and the group will now meet quarterly.

Mr Fuller said although it was early days, the group had already made an impact.

“Members of the group provide leadership within the irrigation community and they are helping to shape the future of government investment in the region,” Mr Fuller said.

“In future meetings, they will be looking at on-farm, water-use efficiency, nutrient management and its impact on water quality and salinity.”

The aim of the Lake Wellington Land and Water Management Plan is to involve irrigators in programs that save water, increase productivity and retains nutrients and soil on farms.

For more information, visit the WGCMA website or contact Anthony Goode on 1300 094 262, or email

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