Harrison head honcho

GIFFARD WEST farmer Steve Harrison has been announced president of WoolProducers Australia.

Mr Harrison will be joined by Stacey Lugsdin as vice president.

The announcement follows Wool­Producers’ annual meeting held in Sydney on Thursday, November 10, where immediate past president, Ed Storey, stood down after completing his maximum four-year term.

Mr Harrison thanked Mr Storey for his service to WoolProducers and the wider wool industry

“Ed has contributed immensely to the wool industry over his tenure and oversaw a number of essential policy decisions and industry good programmes to take the industry forward,” he said.

“Some of these issues include the development of the Trust in Australian Wool Campaign and the Sheep Sustainability Framework, both livestock and wool traceability reform, the end of a restrictive approach to OJD management and industry structural reform.”

Mr Storey was farewelled at an industry dinner, with representatives from every sector of the domestic supply chain and all industry service providers from around the country, which is reflective of the high regard in which he is held.

The election of both Mr Harrison and Mrs Lugsdin set a number of new precedents for the organisation, with Mr Harrison being the first independent director of WoolProducers to be elected president, the first time the president and vice president have both been independent directors, and Mrs Lugsdin being the first female vice president.

Mr Harrison said he looked forward to working with Mrs Lugsdin, the WoolProducers Board, and staff to continue advocating in the interests of all Australian woolgrowers.

A key priority of WoolProducers remains ensuring that all wool industry service providers are working together to serve the industry in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

An example of this collaboration is the establishment by WoolProducers of the Wool Traceability Working Group, which has been convened to oversee the implementation of the recommendations from

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