Champions of cricket recognised for their outstanding service

Liam Durkin

NOT often this many legends are in one room.

The inaugural presentation of the George W Munro Award was held at Ted Summerton Reserve, Moe on Sunday, December 4.

The award, established last year, recognises those in Gippsland who have contributed greatly to junior cricket.

Its namesake is the current Gippsland Cricket Region 7 president.

With Region 7 encompassing all six associations across Gippsland, ranging from Bairnsdale to Warragul, Munro has been a lighting-rod for junior representative cricket, continually advocating and pushing for greater opportunities for young players.

A total of 18 recipients were awarded certificates.

Among the throng was also legendary Warragul footballer and former Shield player Bob Baldry, and Graeme Anderson – father of Australian comedian Wil.

Anderson, a dairy farmer from Heyfield, has given tremendous service to local cricket for the best part of 50 years, and his love for the game is undoubted.

Upon receiving his certificate, he quipped how he still played cricket the day he was married, and made the trip to Country Week the day Wil was born.

A humorous story told in his son’s book ‘Survival of the Dumbest’, tells how Wil told the old man he didn’t want to be a farmer because he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life getting up at 5am to milk the cows.

And sure enough, upon landing his first radio job, he was required to get up at 3.45am.

Munro congratulated all award winners, and wished to acknowledge their contributions.

George W Munro Award recipients

Robert Baldry (Gippsland Cricket Region 7), Leon Davies (GCR7), Keith Henderson (GCR7), Brendan O’Loughlin (GCR7), Rod Pollock (GCR7), Ray Alvin (Bairnsdale), Tim Cavanagh (Bairnsdale), Max Semkin (Leongatha), Geoff Wyatt (Leongatha), Kristen Webber (Latrobe Valley), Ian Rossborough (Latrobe Valley), David P Little (Traralgon), David W Little and Mary Little (Traralgon), Darryl Webber (Traralgon), Graeme Anderson (Sale-Maffra), Ken Bailey (SMCA), Charlier Pierrehumbert (Warragul), Brian ‘Barney’ Snell (Warragul).

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