Women on Farms marks 30 years

Women of the land are being invited to gather in Warragul for the 30th anniversary of an annual statewide conference which acknowledges the role women play in agriculture.

Women on Farms West Gippsland is hosting the event that will include expert speakers, workshops, farm visits, social opportunities and pamper sessions during the three-day gathering.

This year’s theme of Striding Forward aims to highlight the role of rural women and the advances they are making in the farming sector, and is open to women of all ages from all over Victoria.

Event publicist Mary Hughes said the non-politically aligned group met once a month and welcomed women from any background who have an interest in rural affairs.

She said members may not necessarily be practicing farmers, or own land, but just want to know more about rural life.

“It gives people the opportunity to network across Victoria and gives women time off from the farm to celebrate rural life,” Ms Hughes said.

“Agriculture is dominated by images of men but this does not mean they control or manage the farm – there are lots of women managing farming properties.”

Ms Hughes also pointed to women in leadership roles in agricultural peak bodies such as the National Farmers Federation or being appointed as state agricultural ministers.

Women on Farms is also affiliated with the Australian Research Council-funded Invisible Farmer project which is a study of Australian women on the land.

The 30th anniversary Women On Farms gathering will be held in Warragul, between March 29-31. For more information, go to wofg19.org.au.

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