Water auction to attract strong interest

Southern Rural Water is expecting strong interest in its auction of permanent water shares in the Macalister Irrigation District due to dry conditions and high demand for water.
A total of 269 megalitres of high reliability and low reliability shares bundled together that have been made available through savings from automation works will go under the hammer.
SRW east water supply acting manager Gavin Prior said it was a good opportunity for farmers to think about how they could to provide water security in the dry.
“Buyers will be able to use the allocation that comes with purchased water shares – currently 100 per cent of high reliability and 35 per cent of low reliability, immediately after final payment is made,” Mr Prior said.
Mr Prior reminded potential buyers to check their annual use limit beforehand as extra allocations may push their property over the allowable annual volume.
“You can check your annual use limits via your online water statement or by phoning our planners,” he said.
Any water unsold after the auction will be offered at a shelf price which will be set at the highest price paid on auction day.
Potential buyers must register by 4pm on Monday, February 18 to be able to bid and the auction will take place at the Maffra SRW office at on Tuesday, February 19, at 11am.
For more information, visit srw.com.au, or phone 1300 139 510.

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