Managing ragwort: New grant

The South Gippsland Landcare Network has received $17,500 to support capacity building activities that focus on ragwort management, under a state government funding program to help protect the state from pests and weeds.

Agriculture Victoria is supporting six community groups in the fight against pests and weeds of greatest concern to their localised areas, including ragwort and wheel cactus.

Biosecurity Victoria Executive Director, Katherine Clift, has announced $190,000 in grants for the Partnership Against Pests pilot program to help protect Victoria’s $17.5 billion agriculture industry from biosecurity threats.

The targeted pilot program will deliver $40,000 each to Victoria’s four established statewide Community Pest Management Groups (CPMGs) – Victorian Rabbit Action Network, Victorian Gorse Taskforce, Victorian Blackberry Taskforce and Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party.

The funding will enable these community groups to expand their reach and upskill land managers to improve the way they manage pest animals and weeds in their local areas as part of a larger coordinated approach.

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