Managing climate change

AGRICULTURE Victoria is offering farmers an opportunity to participate in a free online business program designed to help farm businesses better manage risk in the face of a variable climate, particularly drought.

The online program, which began in late July, is suitable for livestock, grains, mixed farmers, horticulturalists and apiarists.

The project leader, Kit Duncan-Jones, said participants would improve their skills and knowledge to better prepare for and manage risk, adapt to change and strengthen their farm businesses.

‘The course is designed to help farmers set and achieve their individual business goals and is relevant to those who are new to farming and young farmers, as well as more experienced farmers.’

The introductory session run last month will be followed by five sessions on key farm management topics, including:

• Identifying and managing risks, strategic planning and setting business goals;

• Financial management, budgeting and profitable decision making;

• Managing people on farm, succession planning and farm safety;

• Climate risk and natural resource management, and;

• Business planning.

As part of completing the course, participants will be offered a one-on-one session with an experienced farm management consultant to review their business plan.

Mr Duncan-Jones said participants will be supported by Agriculture Victoria staff and Jane Foster, a farm business consultant with ORM Pty Ltd.

‘Online delivery of the course allows farmers from anywhere in the state to participate, from the comfort of their own homes and without the added time commitment of travel.

‘If you’re a farmer who wants to better manage your business, strengthen your farm resilience to withstand future droughts and shocks, and set up your farm for success now and into the future – this is the program for you.’

To register your interest, please complete this short survey:

For more information, contact Elizabeth Alsop on 0457 838 537 or email

Further information about the program and the Future Drought Fund can also be found on the Agriculture Victoria website at:

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