Island hunt approved

Hog deer hunting has been approved for another five years at Snake Island following a successful two-year balloted trial.
The Victorian government has committed to continuing the program under the watch of Parks Victoria and Game Management Authority. 
Parks Victoria regional chief ranger Gerard Delaney said there was a strong collaboration with the Australian Deer Association and Snake Island Cattlemen’s Association since the trial began in 2016.
“This has ensured a joint understanding of each user’s requirements on Snake Island and to ensure the continuation of the balloted hog deer program continues to operate in a safe and harmonious manner,” Mr Delaney said. 
Each hunter must undertake a mandatory safety briefing by Parks Victoria and the GMA before their allocated hunting period. 
The program will allow for safe and controlled recreational hunting in South Gippsland to coexist with land users and visitors to the island.
Game Management Authority director Simon Toop said hunters would be well briefed on their responsibilities and obligations with a particular emphasis on safety.
There will be seven hunt periods held between February and June 1 this year, scheduled on weekdays to avoid weekends and public holidays. 
Each hunt period begins on Monday at 8am and finishes on Friday at midday. Hunting is not permitted at night.
The ballot is being run by the Blond Bay Hog Deer Advisory Group and the successful hunters have been notified. 
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