Innovation fund for irrigators now open

Irrigators with a bright idea are being asked to put their hands up for funds to put it to the test.

The Irrigation Demonstration Project is open to Central Gippsland irrigators who work in all fields of agriculture.

The fund is providing an opportunity for irrigators to test out their ideas for improved efficiency.

A total of $54,000 is available which will be split into at least two projects, with funding available for paper-based planning through to purchasing equipment, monitoring and evaluation.

The project will aid the Lake Wellington Land and Water Management Plan, which is working towards reducing nutrient loads into the Gippsland Lakes while reducing emissions from irrigated agriculture and encouraging regional growth.

Macalister Irrigation District farmer Liz Shotter is encouraging fellow irrigators to get involved.

“In this day and age, the most dangerous thing we can do is stay the same and not adapt,” Ms Shotter said.

“Projects such as this provides opportunity to think outside the square and trial projects on a smaller scale before replicating in a greater capacity.”

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