Hands-on workshops

Agriculture Victoria is holding practical, hands-on workshops in Gippsland assist sheep, goat and cattle producers use the National Livestock Identification System database.

The workshops will walk producers through their NLIS requirements and the navigation, management and completion of movement transactions on the NLIS database.

All sheep, goats and cattle tagged with an electronic NLIS tag must be transferred on the NLIS database when they are moved between two different Victorian Property Identification Codes.

Agriculture Victoria senior sheep specialist Garry Armstrong said the aim was for producers to understand the NLIS and how to ensure the lifetime traceability of animals which underpins market access.

“Agriculture Victoria staff will be on hand to answer any questions about sheep, goat or cattle electronic identification requirements and their management on the database, to ensure producers play their role in protecting Victoria’s valuable livestock industries,” Mr Armstrong said.

The NILS workshops will be held in Maffra on Wednesday, April 3 and in Ellinbank on Friday, April 5.

Numbers are limited, to register, visit agriculturevictoriaevents.eventbrite.com.au.

For more information on the workshops contact Garry Armstrong at Agriculture Victoria on 0472 871 674. or visit agriculture.vic.gov.au/nlis-workshops.

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