GippsDairy: people of agriculture


ON June 7, GippsDairy held a muster to help educate farmers and students on ‘People in Agriculture’ and adaptive leadership in the agricultural workforce whether it is a big or small business.

The morning muster was held at the Yarram Regent Theatre, and the evening muster was at Yarram Recreation Reserve.

It was held over the whole day with multiple speakers, food, and sessions that people can attend.

“This year’s theme is to rethink, develop and grow,” GippsDairy board member Jess Knight said.

Regional Manager at GippsDairy sub committee group, Karen McLennan as well as other staff have organised the event to help combine knowledge and the agriculture community all over Gippsland so that people can gain as much as they can from the event.

“Agriculture isn’t just about the stock. It is about the people and staff in the industry,” Ms McLennan and Ms Knight both explained.

“It’s not just farmers that can come to this event, it is everyone who is interested in learning about the industry.”

Some of the speakers included people and culture strategist Sally Murfet, leadership and culture development expert Kylie Paatsch, leadership and communications consultant James Freemantle, keynote speakers Humans of Agriculture Founder Oli Le Lievre, and lastly a panel discussion of Gippsland farmers facilitated by Matt Harms.

Ms McLennan said that there are many priorities for GippsDairy currently that are also viewed in their five-year plan.

She said that the hope is for the agriculture industry is going to grow in diversity and communication between farmers, to work as a peer community rather than individual, that more will become interested in the industry, that there will be more climate protection thanks to agriculture, capacity awareness of what there is going on and lastly leadership.

“It is great to see all the people that came to last year’s event, to see the support in the community,” Ms McLennan said.

“There is constantly new development in agriculture especially on the technological side of things and that may entice some people to help join.”

The day was spaced out so that people involved can all network with the others who have attended the event as well talk to different businesses that helped get the muster together with GippsDairy.

“To me GippsDairy is always on the ground looking to help farmers in any way they can and to assist farmers in their day to day,” Ms Knight said.

The day started at 9.30am and finished at 10.30pm with the choice to go to panels of your choosing.

Ms Knight added, “There’s a bit for everyone there”.

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