Farmers market in Yinnar

THE high cost of fresh fruit and vegetables has often been in the news this year..

But with much lower overheads for transport and storage, and without the difficult growing conditions being experienced in other states, prices for fresh produce from local Victorian farmers markets are currently cheaper than at the supermarket.

Yinnar South residents Rosemary Abetz-Rouse and Skye de Hommel want to showcase the produce grown in the local district with a Yinnar Farmers Market on April 1 2023..

“Yinnar’s closest farmers markets are in Traralgon (a 54 kilometre round trip) or Mirboo North (a 40km round trip)”, Rosemary said..

“Also, the cost of a stall in the bigger farmers markets can be prohibitive. We want to offer smaller producers the opportunity to reach a local market without a big fee”.

Skye de Hommel said she has been wishing for ages that there was a quality fresh produce market option closer to home..

Having spearheaded the popular Yinnar Food Truck Festival, she is familiar with the paperwork involved in holding a large event..

“We hope it will be successful and we can convince all the stakeholders to support something more regular”, she said.

Penelope ‘Pea’ Swales of Piggery Road Permaculture in Boolarra, is passionate about grow-it-local food..

She said small-scale local food production was a far more resilient way to feed communities..

“Right now, the whole country is feeling the impact of floods on the Lockyer Valley,” she said..

“The broadacre farmers affected have lost millions and are facing enormous personal and financial stress. .

“It has been suggested to me that I could take the opportunity to put my prices up, but to me, that would defeat the purpose of what I am trying to do, which is demonstrate that local communities can feed themselves with fresh, local and in-season produce..

The Yinnar Farmers Market will be backed by a small grant from Food For All Latrobe Valley (FFALV), an initiative of the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone,.

“COVID-19 has highlighted the instability of the current food system, and we have seen more people interested in purchasing local produce”, FFALV coordinator Claire Tartaro said..

“We are excited to support this community project, working to increase local access to fresh, nutritious food”.

The Yinnar Farmers Market is looking for stallholders selling fruit and vegetables, meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, honey, plants, seeds, nuts, sausages, cheeses, olive oil, fruit juice, bread, jams, sauces, coffee, flowers, and biscuits..

To find out more, email or visit the Yinnar Farmers Market Facebook page.

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