Deal secures Toora jobs

ViPlus Dairy has announced a supply partnership with organic infant formula and baby food company Bellamy’s Australia.

This will allow Bellamy’s to produce a new Bellamy’s branded SAMR-approved formulation-series at the ViPlus Dairy facility in Toora.

The partnership will also significantly increase the production volumes at ViPlus Dairy’s Toora facility for the next three years, which positions the Australian company to commit to further jobs growth and expansion plans for the factory.

Viplus Dairy chief executive Jon McNaught said the supply partnership with Bellamy’s would further underpin the company’s expansion plans for securing local long-term employment as well as more volume for raw materials from local farmers.

“Today’s announcement also supports several facility expansion initiatives including the installation of our new spray dryer set to commence construction at Toora in the coming month,” Mr McNaught said.

ViPlus Dairy was one of the first companies in Australia to receive approval under the new SAMR regulations and distributes its products across 26 provinces in China. iPlus currently employs more than 50 people in the Toora facility as well a further 20 people at its headquarters in Clayton.

ViPlus Dairy is also embarking on a significant growth strategy across the Middle East and several ASEAN countries. It aims to be exporting to 16 countries by the end of 2019.

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