Beef group still learning after 20 years

FARMERS are always keen to improve their beef farming skills and knowledge.

That’s what prompted a group of West Gippsland farmers almost 20 years ago to do something about it.

Warragul BeefCheque Group (WBG), whose motto in part is “Grow more pasture, Produce more beef”, was formed in 2004, offering local farmers the chance to seek the answers they’d been looking for to improve beef production.

These dedicated farmers, led by president Rob Jackson, hold about 10 meetings a year, which are usually held on a member’s farm.

Each meeting consists of a unique topic, such as weed management, use of fertilisers and growing better pastures, that are delivered by experts in the industry, including vets, agronomists and university lecturers, to name a few.

There is a planned field trip and a mid-year dinner ending the year with a Christmas barbecue.

The group formed as a result of local farmers coming together after attending a Pro-graze course conducted by Agriculture Victoria in 2004.

The WBG formed in that year and has been going strong ever since and celebrates 20 years of continuous operation this year.

Dianne Davey, the outgoing president of WBG of nearly 10 years, when asked what is the WBG said, “Warragul BeefCheque Group provides a fantastic, high end learning experience on all aspects of beef production in a social and community minded setting”.

The WBG is suitable for all experience levels from those starting out in farming, needing guidance, to the very experienced farmers who are able to offer the group the benefit of their knowledge.

Farmers who think you might benefit from being part of this very active and knowledgeable group, from animal husbandry to herbicides, can phone Rob Jackson on 0419 540 910, or the treasurer, Tony Wrobel (0450 352 200).


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