Autumn firewood period

More firewood is being made available this collection season throughout the Gippsland region due to extensive clean-up and bushfire preparations being carried-out by Forest Fire Management Victoria.

The autumn firewood collection period runs to June 30 with 79 designated collection areas open to the public in Gippsland.

Collection limits include a maximum of two cubic metres per person per day and a maximum of 16 cubic metres per household per financial year.

Collected wood is for personal use and must not be sold.

FFMVic Gippsland forest and fire planning manager Peter West said the extra volume would help meet the increasing demand.

“The bushfire preparation work that has been done in Gippsland means there is extra wood available, but it is still a finite resource,” Mr West said.

“The felling of trees and cutting of hollow logs for firewood is also prohibited.

“Hollow logs and dead trees provide critical habitat for a wide variety of native species.”

Mr West warned that planned burns could impact firewood collection this autumn, as FFMVic is likely to close-off some collection areas at short notice, especially in East Gippsland.

Closures will be notified onsite.

He also urged people to consider alternatives to a woodfire for heating and cooking.

“Firewood is an unpredictable resource we strongly encourage people who rely on firewood to plan their needs and explore all energy options,” Mr West said.

Fines apply for those who breach firewood collection laws.

For more information including maps and updates, visit, or for the latest information on planned burns.

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