Aussie offers real-time protection

Aussie Pumps has worked with farmers to develop an extensive range of pumps capable of providing real protection during harvest time and in extreme fire conditions.
The company recommends using a diesel-powered pump on fire tankers when farmers keep large water carts on standby.
Aussie Pumps product manager Brad Farrugia said a diesel-powered pump was safer to refuel when there were embers or hot equipment around.
“There is no point in having a 10,000 litre capacity water cart if the pump isn’t big enough to use that capacity effectively,” Mr Farrugia said.
“Having water on hand and a pump to douse spot fires can be the difference between a minor incident or catastrophic crop and equipment loss.”
Immediate access to water allows operators to douse any embers before they take hold and cause major crop damage and affect future production.
Root decimation caused by fire leads to subsequent top soil erosion that can take years to replenish.
The Aussie Mr T 2×2 inch twin impeller pump comes with a genuine 10 horsepower Yanmar diesel electric-start, air-cooled engine.
The pump is matched with the engine’s capability, and is designed to get the most out of both pump and engine.
The Yanmar engine offers loads of torque and allows the pump to deliver up to 90-metres head and still deliver a maximum flow up to 450 litres per minute.
Aussie Pumps also supplies these pumps in both Kubota and Hatz diesel powered versions.
The Aussie Mr T is available in either two or three inch configuration and delivers flows in excess of 200 litres per minute at a 65-metre head.
“An added bonus is the pump’s ability to draft water from creeks and dams. It has an unequalled vertical suction lift of 7.6 metres,” Mr Farrugia said.
A tanker version of the Mr T is supplied on a galvanised base plate with anti-vibration mounts ready for easy installation.
For larger applications Aussie Pumps developed a three inch pump that delivers flows of up to 1000 litres per minute.
Aussie Pumps originally developed the big three inch high pressure pump as a village fire protection unit and claims it is the first of its kind to provide knock-down performance, delivering up to 70 metre heads and flows to 700 litres per minute.
“If you’ve got the capacity in the water cart, it’s smart to use a pump that’s got serious flow capabilities,” Farrugia said.
“Aussie has developed the Brigade Boss QP310SX for just this type of application.”
For more information, and a free fire survival guide, visit the Australian Pump website or all Aussie Pump distributors.

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